ACCµRA™ 100: Education and R&D oriented, High Accuracy Flip-Chip Bonder

The ACCµRA™100 is a semi-automatic flip-chip bonder that guarantees ± 0.5 µm placement accuracy. Its flexibility makes it ideal for developing a wide range of applications. ACCµRA™100 combines high precision, accessibility and cost-effectiveness. It is the perfect equipment for universities and R&D institutes.


  • Post-bonding accuracy* (± 0,5 μm)
  • Easy to use and very flexible
  • Quick set-up of new applications
  • Cost-effective
  • Small footprint and compact design
  • High bonding force

*depending on configuration and application.

 Open platform associated to an intuitive interface results in a quick set-up for new applications

  Robust design and closed loop systems guarantee a high repeatability in operations

  It combines on the same platform high precision, low to high force and user-friendly interface for multiple applications and processes

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    Main bonding processes

      Flip-chip bonding

      Die bonding

      Pick and place



      UV curing


      Gold, Gold/Tin, Indium, Copper

      UV or thermal cure adhesives


    Main Applications

      Micro assembly

      Laser diode, laser bar

      VCSEL, photo diode


      Flip-chip bonding, die bonding

      Chip-to-chip, chip-to-substrate bonding

      MOEMS, MEMS, MCM packaging…

      3D packaging

      Nanoimprinting (UV NIL and Hot Embossing)