MagVision Kerr Imaging System

SETNA is the distributor for USA of the MagVision Kerr Imaging System developed by Vertisis Technology Pte Ltd. (Singapore).

The microscopy system characterizes magnetic devices and its critical effect on final product yield.

The core technology stems from NTU Physics Laboratory’s discovery on a novel technique of Faraday Effect Reduction on the objective lens to better establish Kerr imaging in a magnetic domain process.

  Patented compact electromagnet up to 1 Tesla without chiller – capable of reducing the aberrative effects of stray magnetic fields by eight times (8x).

  Real-time (>100 Frames per Second,FPS) 3D image stabilization algorithm calculates and corrects the movements of the image drift with better than 10 nm accuracy.

  Detection algorithm allows for always-in-focus and high-resolution time lapses to be taken over days.

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      Magnetic domain

      Spin orbit torque



      Thin-Film with element(s) of Cobalt (Cr) | Nickel (Ni) | Iron-Ferrate-Ferrite (Fe)

      2D Nanomaterial

      STT (Spin-Transfer-Torque) MRAM