AST IR Imaging Microscopes

SETNA is the distributor for Eastern USA of the IR Imaging Microscopes of the AST’s line.

microscopeThese microscopes are employed for sub-surface observation, imaging, verification, inspection of materials and bond integrity.

Typical applications include:


  • Overlay alignment measurement and verification.
  • Die alignment measurement and verification, (flip chip/hybridization).
  • Sub-surface feature based measurements.
  • Aperture measurements.
  • Thickness measurements based on focus adjust Z.


  • MEMS device inspection.
  • 3D Stacking process development and control.
  • Incoming wafer inspection.
  • Photovoltaic inspection.
  • Wafer level CSP’s.

AST offers both table top and automated cassette-to-cassette systems, please call us for further details.