Mission and History

SETNA is a Manufacturing and Marketing, Sales and Service Organization. It is centered on our experience and know-how in high-accuracy bonding and the equipment, materials, competencies surrounding it.

SET Corporation Bonders have been, and remain the world-standard for applications in which micron precision post bond accuracy is required. For more than twenty years, the FC150 Series has been the tool of choice. The FC300 series bonders provide the highest force and bonding accuracy available in the industry, as well as the capability to handle substrates up to 300 mm.

SET, formerly subsidiary of SUSS MicroTec, became independent in the summer of 2007. Shortly after, Matt Phillips, former Regional Sales Manager at SUSS, and Ken Mason, former National Sales Manager at SUSS, founded SETNA (SET North America). They soon enjoined the competency of JB Technical (Phoenix, AZ) for field service support, then added Michael Stead, former SUSS Device Bonder Product Specialist and Applications, Eric Schulte — Materials Expert and SUSS user in the Defense/Aerospace Industry, together making a highly skilled, experienced team.

The Ontos7 is our atmospheric plasma system designed for and dedicated exclusively to the semiconductor manufacturing and packaging industry. Our patented (and patent pending) equipment and processes provide a unique advantage to our customers to enable low-cost, high yield, high-speed, chip-to-chip interconnect bonds at room temperature with minimal force. Ontos Atmospheric Plasma also improves surface activation for direct bonding, aqueous wetting, contamination removal, adhesive bonding, and more.