Imaps – Device Packaging 2023, March 13-16, Fountain Hills, AZ, USA

19th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging

Venue: WekoPa Resort and Casino, Fountain Hills, Arizona USA.

Exhibition hours:

  • 10:00am to 6:00pm on Tuesday 14th.
  • 10:00am to 4:00pm on Wednesday 15th.

Surface Preparation using Atmospheric Plasma and High Accuracy Flip-Chip Bonders.



Surface Preparation using Atmospheric Plasma

We shall be pleased to discuss the Advantages of our Atmospheric Plasma (ONTOS) for Surface Preparation. It is applicable to numerous process steps for Semiconductor Manufacturing or Assembly, and it can be integrated into production machines.

Applications include:

  • photoresist de-scum & activation,
  • preparation for Plating,
  • photomask cleaning,
  • bonding (de-oxidation, protection against re-oxidation),
  • preparation for Capillary underfill,
  • surface activation for die attach adhesion, etc.

High Accuracy Die / Flip Chip Bonding

SETNA distribute the SET Corporation Bonders in North America. We shall be pleased to present the ACCµRA Bonder Series, including a Research Table Top Machine dedicated to Universities. He will be also pleased to share information about the progress of the Future Equipment for High Volume Production, especially for 3D-Integration and Optoelectronic applications.

Author: Gilbert

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